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Agile teams: 5 signs of trouble and the solution for it

Problem 1. There are too many people on the project [Solution: An agile team should have fewer than ten members to remain efficient]. Problem 2. The team is disorganized and chaotic [The best practice is to narrow the number of invites to the people who are vital to the task at hand and ensure that everyone understands the overarching goal and that each person is aware of their role]. Prob

What is "Kanban"?

Kanban is a visual way to manage tasks and workflows, which utilizes a kanban board with columns and cards.

What is "Lean"?

The term "lean" was coined to describe Toyota's business during the late 1980s by a research team headed by Jim Womack, Ph.D.

89% of the Project Professionals Surveyed in 2019 Said That Their Organization Implemented Hybrid

The Hybrid approach, as the name implies, is a combination of the Waterfall and Agile methodologies. It takes the best parts of both Waterfall and Agile and combines them in a flexible yet structured approach that can be used across different projects. The Hybrid methodology focuses on gathering and analyzing requirements initially - a nod to the Waterfall method. From thereon, it takes the flexibility of Agile approach with an emphasis on rapid iterations. By combining attri

The Top 50 Most Influential Projects

1. World Wide Web – For connecting everyone and everything 2. Apollo 11 – For proving risk management and out-of-this-world ambitions can make the impossible possible 3. Intel® 4004 Microprocessor – For democratizing the power of computing* 4. The Euro – For flawlessly executing the largest monetary changeover in history 5. Human Genome Project – For rising above usual silos to unlock the building block of humanity and enable unparalleled innovations in medicine, biotech and



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