Agile teams: 5 signs of trouble and the solution for it

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Problem 1. There are too many people on the project [Solution: An agile team should have fewer than ten members to remain efficient].

Problem 2. The team is disorganized and chaotic [The best practice is to narrow the number of invites to the people who are vital to the task at hand and ensure that everyone understands the overarching goal and that each person is aware of their role].

Problem 3. Sprints are agile in name only [Give agile teams enough time to test and measure incremental progress on a project to ensure both the product’s quality and that it meets the client’s needs.

Problem 4. The team has personality issues and/or high turnover [Minimize the turnover rate to prevents the agile team from not being able to build bonds and understand the best roles for each member].

Problem 5. Managers are not buying into agile [Before you adopt agile teams, ensure your management team is supportive of the new system].

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