The Top 50 Most Influential Projects

1. World Wide Web – For connecting everyone and everything

2. Apollo 11 – For proving risk management and out-of-this-world ambitions can make the impossible possible

3. Intel® 4004 Microprocessor – For democratizing the power of computing*

4. The Euro – For flawlessly executing the largest monetary changeover in history

5. Human Genome Project – For rising above usual silos to unlock the building block of humanity and enable unparalleled innovations in medicine, biotech and life sciences

6. Alibaba® Singles Day – For creating the largest e-commerce day in the world and fundamentally shifting how people shop*

7. Prius® Car – For driving the auto industry toward a more sustainable future*

8. Live Aid® Concert – For reimagining the magnitude and model of philanthropy with a major dose of celebrity*

9. M-Pesa® Mobile Microfinancing Platform– For delivering cutting-edge mobile technology that allowed Kenya to leapfrog past more advanced economies and start a banking revolution*

10. Svalbard Global Seed Vault – For building the ultimate insurance policy for the world’s food supply

11. Netflix® Streaming – For proving a single project can pivot a company, an industry and viewing habits of the entire world*

12. DynaTAC 8000x™ Mobile Phone – For connecting phones to people, not places*

13. Alexa® Voice Service – For making voice-activated computer interface a part of everyday life*

14. Paris Fashion Week – For transforming a ho-hum industry showcase into an all-eyes-are-watching global event

15. Burj Khalifa– For standing tall as a symbol of economic diversification in the Middle East

16. Walt Disney World® Resort – For setting the bar on immersive entertainment – and then raising it again and again*

17. Google® Search – For transforming the way we think about and identify information*

18. Belt and Road Initiative – For launching the largest infrastructure blitz the world has ever seen –1,814 projects and counting

19. Bitcoin – For putting cryptocurrency on the map and giving birth to blockchain

20. MRI – For revolutionizing medicine in a noninvasive way

21. Harry Potter® Books – For making reading cool – and that’s just the beginning of the magic*

22. Boeing 747® Airplane – For making the world smaller with the first jumbo jet*

23. iPod® Player – For being the gateway gadget to the iUniverse*

24. Hornsdale Power Reserve – For showing how one big battery could revolutionize renewable energy

25. Rwanda National Unity and Reconciliation Commission – For forging a path to recovery and redemption amid severe trauma

26. International Space Station – For showing that space exploration transcends global politics

27. Panama Canal Expansion – For supersizing a century-old waterway to meet modern shipping demands

28. Global Polio Eradication Initiative – For leading the world’s largest public health initiative and bringing a deadly disease to the brink of elimination

29. Atari 2600™ Video Game Player – For bringing arcade games into homes around the world*

30. Ground Zero Master Plan – For helping a city and nation heal, remember and rise again

31. Aadhaar – For using biometrics to recalibrate how Indians interact with their government and beyond

32. Vindeby Offshore Wind Farm – For demonstrating the viability of offshore wind as a clean energy powerhouse

33. Curitiba BRT – For sparking a transportation revolution in cities around the world

34. COSMOS™ Package Tracking System – For opening the e-commerce floodgates with real-time package tracking for express courier service*

35. Swat Valley Project – For championing girls’ education and empowerment in a country where its founder was once attacked for exercising those rights

36. Wikipedia® Online Encyclopedia – For tapping into the world’s collective knowledge with a radically collaborative, multilingual online encyclopedia*

37. Star Wars® Motion Pictures – For reinventing special effects and cementing the concept of a movie blockbuster series, all while taking viewers to a galaxy far, far away*

38. Project Tiger – For rescuing the majestic big cat from the brink of extinction in the wild

39. Sorek Desalination Plant – For relieving devastating drought with a sustainable solution

40. First IVF Baby – For delivering a modern medical miracle

41. Chernobyl Cleanup – For mitigating the world’s worst nuclear plant disaster – twice

42. E-Estonia – For building the world’s first digital country

43. World of Warcraft® Interactive Game – For taking video game play to a whole new level*

44. Large Hadron Collider – For enabling mind-blowing scientific discoveries that are helping physicists decode the universe

45. TGV – For igniting Europe’s ultra-fast bullet train – safely

46. Khan Academy® Education Services – For demonstrating the vast promise of online learning*

47. Watson® Computer Software – For ushering artificial intelligence and machine learning into the mainstream*

48. Tengger Desert Solar Park – For building the Great Wall of Solar

49. Operation Flood – For transforming India into the world’s largest milk producer and helping to kick-start the country’s nascent economy

50. Sydney Opera House – For demonstrating architecture’s power to redefine a city


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