Time Management - How to work from Home

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Because of the Covid 19 outbreak in the world, the whole working style is changing. Many people is working from home or they have their home as a office now, so there is many article on the internet about "How to work from Home". Today, let us also point out few of the tips or elements that is related to Time Management.

1. Schedule time for work - as it very important to stay focus specially when there is many thing can be disturbed at home. Therefore, a time schedule is very important.

2. List out a Daily/Weekly To-Do-List - it is always good to have something to make work more interesting. By checking things off of a list is definitely one of that. I also recommend people to rewriting their list daily to cement the tasks in your head and able to really prioritize what needs to be done first.

3. Give yourself some Down Time - No one can stay focus for 8 hours nonstop every day, not even in the office. Therefore, it is very important to schedule your break time either go for a coffee or just get up and stretch. In order to be productive.

There is many more tips or elements can use while we are working from home, e.g. download a time management apps and To-Do-List apps in your mobile or PC, but the most important ingredient yourself and put this in ACTION!

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